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Reducing accidents is the main aim of Drive Aid. It does that by helping the driver while driving and helping the owner monitor the activities.
Our Autonomous Gardening solution helps you water your plants without human supervision. Never worry about watering your plants when planning a vacation.
The doorbell camera automatically recognizes a face when someone stands in front of the door. The bell will ring automatically. Using your smartphone you will be able to see who is there and unlock the door remotely.
You can be an owner of a car or a bus company consisting of hundreds of buses. OnTrack gives you the opportunity to monitor the vehicles and the drivers individually or as a group. It works perfectly with Drive Aid.
A paperless office but unlike anything in the market. No data will be deleted and important data will only be modified with proper permission. As a result you will get the highest level of security and reliability.
This Customer Relationship Management tool helps to improve the relationship with existing customers. It recognizes and helps to collect, organize and manage customer information.
Turn it off with a touch and turn it on with your smartphone. Do it the other way around from anywhere in the world. Compatible with your existing wiring.
Manage your sales/credit team and their daily activities. Analyze their activities and performance. Get accurate forecast and effectively manage inventory.
Attendance is not a hassle for you or your employees any more. With the introduction of OnTime, your employees will continue their daily work and you will have an overview of their activities without them having to punch a card or scan their fingerprints.

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E-commerce: Increase growth with proper delivery service

An e-commerce business stands on some fundamental aspects like finding a product on the web, purchasing it and the delivery. To increase growth we need to improve these aspects.   One can argue that the e-commerce sector has grown a lot in the last five years. Some may say that... read more

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