About Us

About Code Surfer

Business Solutions

We build custom business solutions for different types of companies. These solutions can automate and enhance the performance of different business departments.

Branding Enhancement

Online branding is becoming more and more significant and effective in a world of increasing globalization, rivalry and Internet marketing. If you have a large/small business or even an idea, we can work together to establish your brand.

Saving Lives

We are developing technologies that not only makes life easier but save lives too. With the help of the Government of Bangladesh, we are developing futuristic devices for increasing road safety.

What We Do

There are many ways to improve your business or your personal life with the help of technology. We provide home and office automation solutions for ease and better security. If smart home is what you need, you can visit your home, suggest all the smart systems which can be installed and if you agree then we will install all of them for you.

On the other hand, if you are a business owner and need to improve your business, the first thing we will do is visit your business. There are lots of of ways a business can be improve. We will build custom business solutions which will improve your business processes. Our business solutions can help you manage your employees in a better way. If you lave lots of customers and clients, we can provide you with a smart solutions to manage your clients.