Agent Plus

Agent Plus

Smartphone App

An user can do all the related works from his smartphone. He can locate the clients, take notes and report back. You can also track their activities from this app.

Set Golas

You can set daily, weekly or monthly goals for your agents. This is help you to distribute the tasks and check the progress.

Real Time Reporting

With real time reporting you will be able to check the current activities and locations of all of your agents. This will improve the accountability of all of your agents.


Track Agent Activity

To make sure all of your agents are performing at the optimum level you can track and support their activities if necessary. You can track their location and all the activities they do depending on your need.

From a single dashboard, you will be able to check where all your agents are what what they are doing. When the agents engage clients, you will be able to check their activity. If one of your agents are stuck in a traffic or waiting in some place for a ling time, you will get a notification and you will be able to guide them to take a different route of meet a different client.

Assign Tasks and Set Goals

Using Agent Plus you will be able to assign the tasks for you agents individually or as a team.

Assigning tasks and managing them is the most important part of team management. For each month you may have to schedule your team to meet a number of defined clients. when you assign your team the tasks, you will be able to make sure they are done in time. You will also be able to adjust your team size depending on the amount of work to be done and transfer or import team members from other departments if necessary.


Customize/Print Invoice

You may have different types of clients or a lot of clients with the same type. With Agent Plus you will have the extra facility of customizing and printing invoices for them.

Depending on your business you will be able to easily customize an invoice and use the template for future use. You will be able to directly send the invoice to your client with a digital signature or easily print the invoice and then and mail them. The system also keeps a digital record of all the invoices and other related documents. This will strengthen your business operations and help you with the internal and external audit.

Client and Appointment Management

With an user friendly interface you will be able to add new clients easily. You or a member of your team will the be able to set appointments and meet them in that time.

Not all of your clients will be available when your agents visit them. Visiting your clients more than once will increase the operation cost. But with Agent Plus, you will be able to manage the appointments. If for some reason one of your clients wants to change the date and time of an appointment, you will be instantly notified and reschedule the appointment. This way you will save both time and cost for repeated visits.