Athena Dew

Athena Dew


Athena Dew waters your plants just the right amount at the right time. This ensures growth and prevents fungus infection from over watering.

Easy Scheduling

With the help of Athena Connect, you can easily schedule the watering time and quantity of water for each plants or a group of plants.

Get notifications

No matter where you are, you can get the notification about the plants. If something is wrong, you will immediately know about it.


Scheduled Watering

Scheduled watering is the main feature of Athena Dew. The system will pour the right amount of water at the right time. If you want to do it by yourself, you wan set it to notification mode and press a button to water the plants when necessary.

Different kinds of plants need different amount of water throughout the year. The requirement changes with the change of season, plant size, sunlight, rainfall and even the location of the plant. So it is important to set the watering schedule. With Athena Dew, you can now do that without much effort. A default watering schedule is pre-installed in the system. You can easily change the watering time and amount of water using Athena Connect(One smartphone app for all Athena devices).

Seamless Connectivity

No matter where you are home or abroad, you will always be connected to your garden. You will get regular updates about the watering and you will get a notification instantly if there are any interruptions.

Most people do gardening as a hobby. But it is not always possible for you to take care of your plants for being busy. The solution is to build a garden that can take care of itself. But you still want to know if everything is working. You want to know if the watering is done on time. That is where Athena Connect comes in. With Athena Connect, you will get the full schedule for the watering history. You will get a notification if something is wrong ( for example your water tank is empty and so the watering was done). You will then be able to take necessary actions.