Athena Smart Doorbell

Athena Smart Doorbell

Face Detection

This system automatically detects the face when someone stands in front of the door.

Auto Doorbell

When someone stands in front of the door, the door bell will ring automatically.

Enhanced Security

You  can pair an electromagnetic lock with the door bell so that you can remotely open and close the door.


Automatic Face Detection

Athena Smart Doorbell automatically detects a person when someone stands in front of the door. This is specially helpful for disabled peoples.

Athena Smart Doorbell comes with a facial detection system. The system detects the faces using the camera installed on the doorbell. When someone stands in front of the door looking at the camera, the face is detected and the doorbell rings automatically. This can be convenient for blind people who cannot locate the doorbell or occasionally when you are carrying groceries.

Remote Unlocking

Pairing the doorbell with a electromagnetic door lock, you can use it to remotely unlock your door. When you are not staying home but someone comes to visit, you can unlock the door for them.

when you are not staying home, a few things can happen. You will be able to customize a message to be played when someone comes to meet you. You will get a notification with the photo of the person visiting. You will also be able to talk to them with your smartphone using the doorbell speaker. Finally, there is an option to remotely unlock the door. If you want, you can remotely unlock the door using your smartphone from anywhere in the world.