Drive Aid Plus

Drive Aid Plus


Drive Aid Plus comes with world class security system. Only the proper authority will have access to the information.


Three step verification is used while sending data. This makes sure communication is maintained in all conditions.


Anti-theft system is used in the device. If anybody tries to temper with the system, you will be notified instantly.


Power at the Core

When you are driving at high speed, a fraction of a second counts. That is why we used the NVIDIA Tegra K1 at the core of the system. You get an alert instantly when you become drowsy.

The entire device is run by this system. Different modules are attached with this system. Kepler GPU architecture that utilizes 192 CUDA cores to deliver advanced graphics capabilities, GPU computing with NVIDIA CUDA 6 support, breakthrough power efficiency and performance gives the power to process high frame rate and gives results instantly.

Stay Alert!

While driving, specially at night, there is a chance of you becoming drowsy. The advanced drowsiness detection detects both your eyes and your face and alerts you when you get drowsy.

The face camera is placed in front of the driver. This infrared enabled camera can work day and night. It detects the drivers face and eyes. The system alerts the driver when his eyes are closed or he is facing a different direction other than the road. Together this system  ensures a safe journey.


Collect Evidence

Two evidence cameras are placed in front of and at the rear side of the vehicle. The evidence video is recorded and stored in case there is an accident.

There are times when accidents are unavoidable. But we need to collect the evidence for judgement. Our evidence collection system does just that. The evidence video is recorded with the help of the evidence camera. The video is recorded in a five minute loop. Once there is an accident, the video of the last five minutes of driving is stored in the system.

Track Location

If someone else is driving your vehicle or you have a lot of cars, it is important for you to know the location of the vehicles. The location tracking system tracks the vehicle’s location and stores it with time.

Using this system, you can track the current location of the vehicle any time you want. The vehicle does not have to be turned on. But that is not all, you get the see all the trips the vehicle has taken in a certain period of time. All the trips after the device is installed will be saved. You will be able to check the trips of any day by a web browser or from a custom smartphone app.


Detect Sharp Turning

Sharp turning is a sign of reckless driving. This system will notify you about the amount of sharp turns taken in a day or a certain period of time.

Taking sharp turns is a busy road can be hazardous at times. You might be careful while driving but if you know how many sharp turns you have taken, it will help you to improve your driving pattern. On the other hand, if someone else is driving your car or you have a large fleet, you will be able to see the number of sharp turns taken by all the drivers.

Detect Harsh Braking

Harsh braking is another sign of reckless driving. To maintain your vehicle’s health, it is important to reduce harsh braking unless it is absolutely necessary.

Harsh braking can be another indicator of aggressive or unsafe driving. At the very least this style of driving is wasteful and uneconomic. It can cause fuel wastage, releases more harmful gas in the atmosphere, increases the risk or accidents and eventually damages your your vehicle’s brakes. With Drive Aid, you will exactly know the number of harsh brakes taken by you or your drivers in any time.


Detect Speed

Speed detection is most useful when someone else is driving your car or you own a fleet. This system calculates your vehicle’s speed using GPS, IMU and compares it with the speedometer.

Driving in high speed where it is not allowed can be dangerous. It increases the risk of accidents. Your driver may be driving in high speed without you knowing it. This system allows you to track the speed of the vehicles in different times. This helps you to have more control over your driver or fleet.