Drive Aid

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Drive Aid - Features

Gaze Tracking

Gaze tracking will detect the face and eyes of the driver in any light condition day or night. If the driver becomes drowsy the system will automatically alert the driver. The alert type ( simple warning noise or a custom voice command), duration and frequency of the alert is easily customizable.

Location tracking

Using this system, you can track the current location of the vehicle any time you want. The vehicle does not have to be turned on. But that is not all, you get the see all the trips the vehicle has taken in a certain period of time. All the trips after the device is installed will be saved. You will be able to check the trips of any day by a web browser or from a custom smartphone app.

Sharp turn detection

The sharp turn detection system will notify you about the amount of sharp turns taken in a day or a certain period of time. You will be able to figure out if the driver is driving roughly or smoothly. You will be able to reward or punish him accordingly.

Evidence collection

There are times when accidents are unavoidable. But we need to collect the evidence for judgement. Our evidence collection system does just that. The evidence video is recorded with the help of the evidence camera. The video is recorded in a five minute loop. Once there is an accident, the video can be recovered from the device.

Speed detection

This speed detection is not dependent on the vehicle’s speed meter. Although the speed from the speed meter can be taken and used for comparison.  The speed is detected with the GPS and other sensors installed in the system. You will be able to check the speed of the vehicle with time. The record of speed change with time will be stored and can be accessed from anywhere.

Harsh break detection

With the Drive Aid system is installed, you will get notifications about the number of harsh break applied in a day. This will help you to warn the driver if necessary. If you are driving the vehicle by yourself, this will help you improve your driving. In the long run this will prolong the health of the engine and the break.