IoT Switch

IoT Switch


Every switch can be WiFi enabled and can be connected to your home or office network. A few switches are connected by a daisy chain and then to a WiFi module.

Touch Sensetive

The touch sensitive switch panels works in two ways. It can be turned on and off by touch or from your smartphone.

Smart Home Integration

These IoT switches work perfectly with smart home devices. And the best part is these are 100% compatible with your existing wiring.


Works Both Ways

These switches comes with a custom made touch panel. There are different color and design to choose from. You can even have the panels custom made to match your interior.

Touch these IoT switches to turn anything on. An special glowing indicator will show you the state of the switch. You can have 1 to 4 switches in each panel. The indicator icons are customized for different appliances. The panels can be of different color and texture. You can custom make the panels so that they match your interior.

Compatible With Existing System

You can decide to turn your traditional home into a smart home. The transaction is easy. The IoT switches can easily replace the old switch panels. They have the exact same dimension and the power ratings. You do not even have to change the wiring. After the installation, you will have a two way control over the appliances.

It is not easy to turn a traditional home into a smart home. But you can do it using our IoT switches. You can replace the existing switch boards with the new touch switches. The wiring will remain the same. The switches will be connected to each other and each board will have a WiFi module. The switches will be connected to the home hub using this WiFi network.


Smart Home Compatibility

Our IoT switches not only connects to Athena but also other smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home.

Not all touch switches with WiFi connects to smart homes. They are mostly controlled by a remote controller or at most an smartphone app. But connecting with a smart home gives you much more freedom. You can use voice control for daily activities like controlling light bulbs.

Seamless Connectivity.

When you leave your home, you do not leave the control. You forgot to tun off your bedroom light? You can just turn it off from your office using Athena Connect smartphone app.

Combined with Athena, the IoT switches gives you seamless connectivity and freedom. The control of every switch will be in your palms. Weather you are home or away, you will exactly know which appliances are turned on and which ones are turned off. If you are connected to the internet, you can control all the switches from anywhere in the world.