On Time

On Time


This system automatically detects the faces of the employees. They do not have to manually scan their finger or Irish.


Unlike an RFID based system, a human face is not exchangeable. So it is not possible to cheat and be absent at the office.

Activity Recognition

Not only this system tracks the entrance and exits, it also monitors the activities of the employees to ensure the highest level of productivity.


Advanced Facial Recognition

On Time uses state of the art facial recognition technology with 99.99% accuracy. Instead of using just one camera this system combines the images of different camera and combines them to create a 3D model to recognize the faces.

The device is built around the revolutionary NVIDIA Tegra® K1 SoC and uses the same NVIDIA Kepler™ computing core designed into supercomputers around the world. This has a fully functional NVIDIA CUDA® platform for quickly developing and deploying compute-intensive systems for computer vision, robotics, medicine, and more. Using this component has enabled us to build a facial recognition system which works instantly. With this technology, your employees will just have to go past the camera with having to stop for recognition.

Seamless Entrance and Exit

Since OnTime is facial recognition based and works in an instant, the employees do not have to go through the hassle of scanning their finger, eye a employee card.

The entry and the exit of each employee is identified by facial recognition. When an employee enters the office, their face is photographed by the camera and the system then identifies who that person is. The same thing is done when the employee exits. If for some reason the employee has to leave the office it is also recorded.


Employee Activity Tracking

With OnTime installed, all the activities of your employees are monitored. This records the login and logout time to calculate active time and at the same time monitors their activities to ensure productivity.

When an employee comes to the office and logs onto his computer, the login time is recorded. Likewise the logout time is also recorded to calculate the active time. But it does not end there. All his activities are also monitored and if the computer is idle for too long, you will be able to check it from the statistics later on. In some cases your employees may be busy with work not related to your office for example using social media. You will be able to track that too.

Enhance Your Office Security

Paired with a electromagnetic door lock, you can enhance your office security. In this case the door will be opened for the authorized personals only.

You will be able to use this feature for office entrance or for some restricted areas for your office. When a authorized person stands in front of the door the system recognizes his face using the camera and unlocks the door. The same principle can be applied form different sections of the office. There are two advantages to this. First of all this is more convenient than using keys and secondly all records are kept for every entrance and exit.