Data Collection

With the use of different cameras and sensors, the OnTrack system collects all the necessary data.

Data Processing

Without processing, a chunk of data can be useless. We process the collected data for proper utilization.

Data Visualization

Collected and processed data is presented to you in the most user friendly way. You will even get notification for events.


Fleet Tracking

You can use OnTrack for fleet tracking using any of the Drive Aid devices. No matter how many vehicles you have, this system will help you monitor all of them.

When you are an owner of a bus company or any kind of fleet it is important for you to monitor the vehicles. With OnTrack, you can know their locations, the travel history and the trips go on in a day. You will also be able to check the activity of each vehicle and monitor the respective drivers. Finally you will be able to get a summary all all the activity for a period of time.

Real Time Tracking & Notifications

All Drive Aid systems are constantly connected to the OnTrack servers. This allows you to get real time notifications. As a result you are kept updated on all the activities.

OnTrack gives you the opportunity for real time tracking of all your vehicles. You can track the speed and location of the vehicles form anywhere. If any unusual behavior like, harsh breaking or sharp turning is detected, you will instantly see it on your web or mobile app dashboard. You can even set notifications for different events like accidents.


Accident Alert

If an accident happens, our system will detect it. The alert about the accident will be sent to you and the local authorities like police, highway police, hospital and local administration.

The contact information of all the local authorities are kept in the OnTrack database. When there is an accident, the location of the accident will be detected. A distress alert will then be sent automatically to the nearest authorities like the police, hospital, local BRTA authorities and the local administration. If immediate action is taken, we will be able to save many lives.

Three Step Reliability

The communication between Drive Aid and OnTrack is maintained by a reliable three step system. This way, if one fails the other will work.

Different data from different kinds of devices of Drive Aid are sent to OnTrack server. 3G network is mainly used for data communication. But there are different highways where 3G network is not available. Here 2G network is used for sending and receiving data. In case even that fails and no internet connection is available, an encoded SMS will be sent to the server containing all the data on a regular basis. This way you will be updated no matter where your vehicle is.


Access from Any Device

It is important for you to keep updated no matter where you are. That is why you can access the OnTrack dashboard using desktop, laptop or from the dedicated OnTrack smartphone app.

All modern web services are accessible from any place now. OnTrack is no exception. You can view the history and activities of all your vehicles form your dashboard. There is also a dedicated smartphone app so that you can get a quick look and the important notifications. You will even SMS alerts in case there is an emergency.

Authority Dashboard

The authority dashboard, specially designed for monitoring your vehicles will help you keep track of all the important activities. You will be able to add/remove users, vehicle and change settings.

The Authority Dashboard presents all the necessary information to you. You can check the location of all your vehicles from the map. You can track the activities of different vehicles. Notifications about different driving pattern and the warnings will be shown to you. If there is an accident, you will see where it is and will be able to take necessary actions. There is also the option to check the driving pattern of the drivers. You can check the number of sharp turns they take and harsh brakes they make. You will be able to find the best and the worst driver in your fleet.