Smarter & Faster

Working in a paperless working environment is smarter and faster. You can search for a document and find different important records in no time.

Safe & Reliable

A paperless office is safer. Nobody will get access to important document without proper access level. Cloud backup of every data ensures reliability.

Universally Accessible

With the power of internet in your hand, accessing your office files is not possible from anywhere. A dedicated smartphone app is a big plus.


Scan and Store Important Documents

When you convert your traditional office into a paperless one, it is important to keep the important documents digitally. But it is much more than assigning someone with a scanner to scan everything.

Keeping your documents organized is the key to running an office efficiently. Just scanning the documents and keeping them randomly in a folder is not good enough. With our advanced image processing technique, we convert the documents which saves up to 70% storage space. Then Papyrus store and organize them in a proper way so that you search for any document and find it in a matter of seconds.

Convert Documents with OCR

Papyrus comes with a state of the art Optical Character Recognition System. It converts scanned images into text documents with around 97% accuracy. The other 3% can be edited using the OCR Dashboard.

Your office may have many documents which were printed a long time ago using either a type writer or a computer. It is not wise to type all those documents to make them editable and searchable. This is where OCR plays the role. The scanned document is digitally converted into a editable text. If there are any errors in the conversion process, the text can be easily edited and then stored. This method has been proven effective in old books and records.


Use Cloud Storage for Safekeeping

Keeping your data in your local server can be risky. A simple hard disk failure can destroy all your precious data. Keeping your data in cloud storage or keeping a regular backup can get rid of that problem.

Keeping your data in cloud has many advantages. First of all is ensures you get the best speed as the data is served from the nearest server. It will ensure your data does not get lost. It will save you a lot of bandwidth if you want to share large files with different people. It reduces the total annual cost as you do not have to buy the servers for your office, store them and keep them powered up.

Blockchain for Extra Security

Papyrus uses Blockchain at it’s core. With is technology, when someone changes something in your database, a record will be kept with the name of that user and the changing time along with the old data.

Blockchain is the next stage of internet revolution. By storing blocks of information that are identical across its network, the blockchain cannot be controlled by any single entity. It has no single point of failure. This allows you to keep your data safe and secure. Using Blockchain technology you can make nobody makes any unwanted changes to your data. If data is changed at any point by anyone, the name of that person along with the time is stored to ensure integrity.


A Top UX Based System for Your Valuable Employees

Your employees may be best at what they do at your company but not so good at using computers. The interface of Papyrus is highly customizable. This makes sure the employees use the system easily.

People can take one change at a time. Giving someone a drastically different system can reduce productivity. To ensure highest level of productivity as well as implementing the best technology, it is important the the system is build with the best UX. Papyrus provides custom user panel for each kind of employee depending on the kind of work they do. They will feel they are doing what they have always done but in a easier and better way.

Faster Processing of Everyday Work

Your everyday office work may include order processing, internal forms processing, invoice, online banking, internal communication, internal approval, sharing documents, approving permissions and many more. Papyrus makes all these fast and easy.

Different offices have different kinds of daily activities. In most offices today, the processes are semi automated. That some work are done by paper and some work are done by computers but mostly using software like Microsoft Office or Excel. This may be faster than using paper but it is not reliable and not everything can be done. That is why an integrated system like Papyrus can increase the productivity by automating all everyday works for each employee.


Get a Complete Summary

If you are the owner or hold a managerial post, it is important for you to keep track of different statistics like total work done, sales, leaves, current company worth among many other things. With Papyrus you can do that instantly.

There are always different thing to check while running a company. It is not feasible to check all the papers and calculate different statistics specially when you are not in the office. Papyrus gives you the opportunity to view all company activities or the activities of your department from a single dashboard from your computer or your smartphone. This will help you to maintain the workflow and take important decisions.