Pickup Plus

Pickup Plus


The system brings transparency all pickup related activities. You can monitor the current activities and get a summary.


As you monitor all pickup related activities, you get to find the performance of each individuals and the whole team.


After measuring the performance of the individuals and the team, you will be able to improve the efficiency by focusing on the weak points.


Bring Transparency in Your Service

A pickup service can be rather opaque. There are lots of different difficulties involved constantly. With Pickup Plus you will exactly know all the activities done by each member of your team.

From receiving the call from the customer to the final delivery of the package, the are different steps of the pickup service involving different types of personals. Each step like inputting customer details, sending a pickup person, contacting the customer and receiving the package and delivering the package is important. Delay in one step can delay the whole process. With Pickup Plus in your hand, you can track every step of the process. You can check the steps which are causing the delay. You will get the summary for each day and the total summary for each week or month.

Measure Performance of Your Team

The performance of your pickup team determines the performance of the whole system. Since individual performances are measured in each and every step, it is not difficult to know the performance of different teams or the pickup team as a whole.

The system preciously measures the performance of your team. Time and precision of the activities are measured. You get to compare the time taken for each job to be done by each team member. You will get the total summary of all work doe and the processes which made the delays will be highlighted.


Find the Shortcomings of Your Operation

When you know the time and the delay of the processes and the individuals, it is possible to find the shortcomings of your operation. You will find delays occurring in different sections.

The whole pickup operation can have different shortcomings. There can be different problems and delay’s in different procedures. Any of the working procedures can be faulty. It is important to find the whole scenario. You need to know preciously where the delay or the problem is. With Pickup Plus, you will know about the duration and the delay for each action. You can observe and improve different aspects.

Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience is one of the most important aspect of a company. The customer relationship management tool attached with Pickup Plus helps you to collect, store and use customer information while providing a service.

It is easy to communicate and maintain a good relation with the customers when you have the information about them. When a customer calls anyone in-charge team, the person in-charge will automatically see the details and the location about the customers. It makes assigning the pickup job and maintaining the whole process easy. As a business owner you will be able to see all the details and the previous history about all the customers at a glance. All these features will help you improve customer relationship as a whole.