Tin Can Tel

Tin Can Tel

Stay Connected

With Tin Can Tel is is easier than ever to stay connected with you customers and clients both online and offline.

Build Relation

With constant followup and the opportunity to access the communication history at a glance you can strengthen the relation with all your clients.

Get Repeat Customers

Repeat customers help you grow your business. A strong CRM system makes sure your customers return to you over and over again.


Import and Manage Contacts both Online and Offline

You can import your existing contacts from your SIM, phone, email contacts and social media if necessary. You can also add and keep offline contacts.

Your client group may come from different places depending on the type of business you run. You may have kept the contact information in different places. Now you can finally get all your important contact information together and manage them form a single location. With cloud backup, your contacts will never be lost. You can categorize them and add tags to quickly find them. On top of that communication and transaction history for each and every customers will be saved and presented in a friendly manner.

Prioritize Leads by Tracking Interactions

You may have thousands of customers but not all of them hold the same value to your business. Analyzing their search pattern, interactions and behaviors based on marketing will help prioritize the leads.

Your potential customers may come from different sources like your website, social media page, marketing & advertising campaign, paid search and so on. But turning your potential customer into a paying one takes some steps. When contacting a customer you have to guess the likelihood of them buying your product or service. It is important to reply to any web inquiries within five minutes. A good follow up message can lead to a good sale.


Customize Followup Message by Tracking Engagement

When you know the source of your leads and analyze their interactions, it becomes easier to write an effective follow up message. The build in customization tool gives your follow up message a personal touch.

There are two steps to a good followup message. First you need to be be quick in responding. Instant notifications help you with that. Secondly your followup message need to address the query or the suggestion. Just replacing the name of a generic message is never good enough. With the advanced user interaction tracker, you will be able to write an effective message to the customer mentioning their needs and the possible suggestions.

Set Goals and Track Progress

To maintain a good relation with the customers, it is important to maintain a good communication. Tin Can Tel enables you to set communication goals for your CRM team and measure the progress.

Your CRM team connects your business to your customers. Regular communication is necessary to maintain a good relation. To make sure your team performs optimally, you need so set some goals and track the progress. You can set the number of customers they reach daily or in a period of time. You can see the effectiveness of their communications and find out the percentage of leads turning to actual sales.


Improved Analysis and Intellegence

Tin Can Tel comes with a business intelligence and analytic tool. Since important business related information are associated with this tool, it help you get a better data driven look at your current business and take necessary decisions.

Applying analytics to customer data enables the marketing managers and the customer service workers treat people as individuals rather than faceless members of marketing segments. As a result you get a better customer knowledge and it helps you to improve customer engagement. The important part here is to find the customers who are satisfied and at the same time find who are not. This it will be easy to keep the happy customers happy and find the unhappy customer and make an effort to keep them connected to your company.

Empower your Team

Your customer service workers connect the customers to your company.  Tin Can Tel empowers them by helping them do a better job.

With Tin Can Tel, any member of your customer relation team can do the job for another person. The communication is not dependent on the individuals. When they communicate with any customer they get a chance to see all the previous communication history and related transactions. They do not have to remember anything. As a result the person joining your team today will be able to start contributing in the existing without any hassle.